Miles for Ashley

by healthy ashley on October 8, 2011


Nina practicing for miles

Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.
- Denis Waitley

When I lost my ability to move and exercise, you all stepped up. You rode, ran and yoga-ed your way to donate #MilesForAshley when I couldn’t do it myself. Some of you ran races while others started exercising again after an injury. Together you have raised more than 1,223 miles in the past month. They came in donations as short as a one mile walk and as long as 20 mile runs! You’ve put your health to the test and exercised for all sorts of reasons, including your own health and supporting me.

Screen shot 2011-10-08 at 8.00.45 PM.png

Whitney and Duke after a run

It’s been exhilarating to watch the miles roll in from my comfy couch at home. Reading about your weekend workouts that you’ve logged under #MilesForAshley kept me from thinking of the workouts that I am missing.

The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it.
- Erin Gray

As a society I think we tend to not appreciate something fully until we face losing it: summer weather, relationships, our health. We can get so caught up in schedules and where we have to be next that we run through the motions. Taking time off has taught me to slow down and appreciate the little things: each movement, each meal and each relationship.

Screen shot 2011-10-08 at 8.03.22 PM.png

Jamie‘s sister and friend after a 5k

Don’t get me wrong, I’m planning on going back to full speed and more when I am healed. Appreciating the moment doesn’t have to mean doing less, going slower or stopping altogether.

Screen shot 2011-10-08 at 8.05.36 PM.png

Emily after a 10k

Celebrate your fitness. Celebrate what you can do in the moment for how amazing it is; don’t live in anticipation or even fear of what the next moment will bring.

Emily finishing a half marathon

Thank you Katy for creating #MilesForAshley and everyone who has kept it alive on Twitter. My miles will be for all of you when I can run and bike them again!

What do you run, bike, swim, yoga and sweat for? Do you keep an intention in mind during your practice?


Appointment Success!

by healthy ashley on October 6, 2011

Looking for a Halloween costume? Check out Halloween Costumes for Healthy Ashley on HTP! <3xray.jpg

I had my follow up appointment with the surgeon today. My Xrays look great! The bones are healing well and…. drumroll… I’m approved to ride a stationary bike on low impact, swimming without kicking my legs and any sort of yoga/mat work that doesn’t cause pain. I have two breaks in the front of the pelvis and one in the back so there’s a higher risk for rotationally messing with my setting. So no walking, even if I feel like I can. The plan is that I’ll be able to walk in three weeks and run very shortly after that!

After our appointment we celebrated with brownies at Firestorm Cafe. For so long after the accident I felt sick. I was helpless and it showed all throughout the day. I don’t feel sick anymore! I just can’t walk and get tired easily :)

To wrap up the awesome day Richard dropped me off at the gym. I rode the stationary bike, swam with a buoy and did some abs and stretching on the mat. It was wonderful. My body felt weird to put it simply, but that’ll take some getting used to and some working out. Still, it feels good to be back in some sense.


Time for Private Practice and snuggling. It was a great day.


Giveaway and Pre-Appointment Nerves

by healthy ashley on October 5, 2011

We meet with the surgeon tomorrow for the first time since I left the hospital. They’re going to xray everything and see what my progress has been. Have I healed as fast as I’ve hoped? Have I injured myself by pushing too hard? Will I get clearance to swim? I’m nervous. Excited, but helluva nervous.


We stopped Dick’s Sporting Goods today. I love when Richard has the day off and can take me on field trips! I climbed on this stationary bike to see if I could…. and I can now ride a stationary bike pain-free. And do a sun salutation. And shoulder stand. Tomorrow I’ll find out just how much activity I am allowed to do, but for today I felt strong.


Last night I made a quick dinner with Stonehouse 27 Tomato & Chilies Sauce and a Lundberg Family Farms Organic Rice Bowl.


Meals lately have to be quick, easy and have few ingredients. I do my cooking while sitting at a stool in the kitchen and clean up takes much longer. (When you can’t walk, everything takes much longer.)


The sauce was the key ingredient since it held all the flavor. It tasted as if it was just bottled at the best Indian restaurant in town- a little spicy, a little sweet and a lot of flavor. I knew what all the ingredients were; I appreciate ready-to-eat foods with ingredients that could have come from my own kitchen.


To go with the sauce and brown rice I pulled together what was in the fridge: a block of tofu, some carrots and an onion.


I chopped everything up and sauteed the veggies and tofu in a touch of olive oil before adding the sauce.


The rice heated in the microwave in 90 seconds. When we’re busy or when I can walk, microwavable organic brown rice is a big convenience.


Boom. In five minutes and with only five ingredients dinner was ready. And only one pan was dirty. Score.


The verdict? Yum. The sauce was authentic and the rice was the perfect chewy texture I crave. Next time I might use broccoli in place of onion (since the sauce has onions anyway), but we loved it. Simple, healthy and fast.

Want to try this combo for yourself?


Five winners will be chosen to receive a Stonehouse 27 Sauce and a Lundberg Heat and Eat Brown Rice Bowl.

In the comments, tell me what you’d do with a Stonehouse 27 Sauce and brown rice?

For an extra entry, like Stonehouse 27 on Facebook.

Giveaway will be closed and winners announced next Wednesday!

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