Paleo and the Rest of the Food

January 9, 2013 0

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We have arrived on our official third day of my box’s paleo challenge. I began on the first but took some two days off for Ryan’s wedding weekend, but as of the 7th the challenge is on!

Our box kicked off the challenge with max thrusters and a benchmark WOD. We recorded our times and will compare them when we do the same workout post-challenge.

I got 105# on my thrusters which I’m pretty proud of! I thought the WOD was going to be easy; none of the movements are very complicated and the total reps are fairly low. Boy was I wrong. That workout absolutely killed my legs! I guess it didn’t help that I ran a half marathon the day before.

The WOD:

– 50 sit ups

40 in-place lunges

– 30 burpees

– 20 ball slams

– 10 full depth squat jumps

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At CrossFit today we focused on snatches and overhead squats, two movements I need a lot of work in. I have the form but can’t seem to increase my weight. Something about throwing weight above my head and squatting scares me!

The WOD:

“Running Snatchsquatch”

6 cycles with increasing weight, for time

1 cycle = 3 rounds

– 1 snatch deadlift

– 1 hang squat snatch

– 1 snatch balance

– 1 overhead squat

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After today’s WOD I enjoyed a nice run home. Having a husband for your coach has it’s perks- free rides to the gym so I can run home!

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After almost three full days without added sugars, dairy or grains, I feel awesome. I feel less bloated and more fit. I feel stronger and faster, like there’s nothing holding me back.

Richard and I did a big stock up at Costco and Whole Foods yesterday and felt deprived for a moment as we realized how much is off limits on this challenge. When we started to think of why certain items were off limits (ie grains, added sugars, chemicals), we felt excited and empowered at our protein and veggie shopping cart.

We won’t be this strict for forever, but it is interesting to change our viewpoint and take a deeper look at our habits and the food choices around us.

How do you eat? Do you follow any food challenges? Have they helped?

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