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April 23, 2013 0

Sometimes I think endurance athletes need a coach or at least a handbook after they cross the finish line of their ultra marathon or endurance triathlon. There’s a big difference between training for an ultra marathon or endurance triathlon and no longer training for one.

Here are a few things I’d include in Real Life Rehab Post-Ultra guide:

1.     Yes, despite having just run 50 miles or raced 140.6 miles, you will probably be heavier post-race than before you got the crazy idea in your head to sign up for a freakishly long race in the first place. Yes, it’s not fair; move on. Try to curb your diet and remember what balance looked like way back when.

2.     You no longer have to spend twenty hours or more each week in training. No, really. Think back to what you used to do with a free Saturday morning. If it was that long ago, ask a yogi or CrossFitter. They have nice Saturday mornings.

3.     Put the credit card down and back away from the sign up page. Or not. I mean, if you’re doing ultra marathons or endurance triathlons, you’ve obviously already lost your mind.

Adjusting to life without a training plan is bittersweet. I’ve hardly run this past week. I did CrossFit and hot power yoga this morning and am thinking about running later but may decide not to. And it’s okay because I’m not training for anything. Less pressure.

On the other hand I miss my training plans that told me what to do when. It gave me routine, daily successes and at least one big challenge to look forward to every week. With back to back marathons, ultras and a 140.6 over the past year, this is my first actual break in training.

After a week off from exercise from not feeling too well I made it out to Orlando’s Corporate 5k. I’ve done this race several times in the past and wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s basically a huge office party with a 5k to kick it off along the streets of my favorite city. With my friends and coworkers. Win.

It was my first race since the tragedy in Boston and I think all runners were especially sympathetic and aware. Lots of moments of silence and silent prayers went out to Boston.

It’s a crowded race and it’s not chip timed, so I didn’t worry too much about time. Still, I finished in 26:20. I’ll take that right after a 50 and a week off.

Other than a run here and there I’m getting back into CrossFit. My legs and endurance are in tip top shape but it’s frustrating to have lost so much strength. I miss the barbell and all the personal records I was working on before I dedicated all my time to just running (and running and running).

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