The Good Run

February 1, 2013 0


The past few weeks have been stressful with some health and personal things. I’ve missed a lot of workouts and was so happy to finally get out of the house Wednesday night for a beautiful run downtown. I stopped to take the above photo and to jot down my thoughts on what a good run is to me. Because it was a very, very good run.

I wish I could capture the good run in a photo or a word. A run where everything you’re mad about, confused about, sad about and worried about turns to fuel. You fly. You’re invincible. You run too fast. You run without a map. You run in new areas. You don’t worry that anything bad will happen; in the moment you have enough energy and power to go against anything. Your brain, your heart and your body unite. You can go forever. The burn only makes you go faster until you’re running with every ounce of passion and desire that the only thing from keeping you from flying is your shoes. It’s the good run.

And then I tripped and this happened.


Bloody shoulder, knee and hand. Ruined favorite crops. My good run turned the other direction fast, but the 7.4 miles of heaven still happened.

What is your good run? Do you feel invincible? What fuels you?

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