The night before I run 50 miles. For real this time.

April 5, 2013 0

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I know, I know. I’ve published posts like this before. And I’ve come back with bad news. Twice, actually.

I’ve dropped out of two 50 mile ultra marathons but tomorrow I will cross the nasty thing off my list once and for all.

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I’m bringing a lot to this race: excitement, fear and a little bit of baggage. I’ve faced this giant before. And it’s a big one.

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This time is different. I’ve run more and better. I’ve taken better care of myself. I’ll be running on a gorgeous course I’ve been on several times. I’m running with a friend. This year I know I’ve failed two times in the past.

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Tomorrow I am going to run 50 miles and be that much better for it.

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