The Processes of an Ultra

April 3, 2013 0

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Upon signing up six months or more out from the race: Sheer excitement.

“Yeah, I’ve got this! Running this ultra is going to be great! I feel so strong; I’m ready!”

One month later: Delayed realization.

“Guess I should finally make that training plan. Wait…. you want me to run WHAT?”

First few weeks of training plan: Undue glee.

“This is awesome. I’m training for an ultra and feel great!”

Last week weeks of training plan: Anticipation. Doubt. Reality. (most likely sick or dealing with another personal crisis because that’s just how it works)

“Why the heck did I sign up for this in thee first place? Who runs like this?!”

Taper week: Frenzy. Hysteria. Bursts of emotional breakdowns.

“Did I train enough? Too much? I know I should eat healthy but I feel like eating everything! I’m scared! Poop!”

Race morning: ……….

I’m running a freaking ultra… no words.

Post-race: Unnatural levels of elation.

“That was the best thing ever! I love running ultras! I’m going to sign up for another tonight!!”


Can you relate to any of these emotions?

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