The Week After 50

April 16, 2013 0

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I have to say, the week after the 50 is making me want to sign up for another! I feel great!

Of course the day after the race was a rest day. The next day I eased back into it with yoga, and by Tuesday I was ready for CrossFit and running. I’d never push my body to get back to things if it wasn’t ready, but I do think jumping back in soon after tough races has helped me recover more quickly after each race.

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One week after the race I ran 15 miles with friends. It’s funny- despite completing 15 miles with a partner the week before, I was still nervous about completing the distance and not slowing anyone down. I guess pre-run anxiety is pre-run anxiety no matter the distance! My body felt strong all 15 miles but my mind wandered.

Saturday I was so excited to finally make it to the box for a Saturday group WOD. WIth long runs Fridays and Saturdays preparing for the ultra, I missed out on the most fun day at the box. Every Saturday we do an extra-long team WOD and so many of the members come out for it.

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The WOD was a killer, the perfect “welcome back” to weekend WODs. The soreness is only starting to wear off!

I think it’s safe to say my body’s back to normal. I’m so thankful to have escaped any aches or pains… I love running too much to have to sit out for too long.

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I was thinking about the race and running in general today and realized that endurance events help me prove the impossible possible. Never before would I have believed I could run 50 miles (or race an ultra triathlon), but (eventually) I did. And so the impossible was possible and not such a big deal anymore. I think this lesson has helped me take risks in my own life. I’m familiar with being out of my comfort zone and testing the limits.

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