Things I’m Loving (and not)

September 3, 2013 0

Things I’m loving right now:

– All of your sweet comments on my 10 Ways to Know You’re Pregnant post.

– Not having to suck in my stomach anymore.

– Telling Richard daily, “can you take out the trash/feed the dogs/kill that roach/pay the bills? I’m carrying our baby.”

– Knowing I’m close to that cute pregnant belly stage and away from the bloated-constipated look.

-Setting PRs in CrossFit while simultaneously growing a human from my lunch.

– The boobs.

Things I’m not loving right now:

– I can’t run. I can’t even breathe! Sometimes I feel like I’m going to die from climbing one step of stairs.

– Belly rubs. Just don’t do it.

– Always talking about all things baby.

– This is the worst kind of baby fever- I still want to steal other people’s kids and I know I have one of my own, but it still looks like an alien and is trapped inside me.

– I’ve traded wine and pumpkin beers for ginger chews, aloe vera juice and GasX.

– Everything is bigger. Even my elbows feel bigger.

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