Tri-ing Again?

January 16, 2013 0

After CrossFit this morning, Elly and I started talking about triathlons. Elly is by far one of our box’s top athletes but just a few years ago she competed seriously in endurance triathlons like half Ironmans and such. Now she focuses on CrossFit and has mentioned how time consuming and lonely triathlon training can be.

I signed up for my second Ironman the day after my first. I couldn’t compete in my second 140.6 after the accident so I signed up again the day registration opened. I completed my second 140.6 in October, PRing every part of the race but also knowing I could do so much better.

In the heat of all that triathlon training I often thought that it all was just “what I did.” In my world Saturdays were created for long rides and a brick run. It became normal and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. This was fine when I was single and could spend my days working and working out. During this past cycle I was in school and had a husband to think about.

I guess I’m on a break from triathlon because I’m not registered for anything. I’m enjoying working out however I feel and having my Saturdays free, but part of me craves the regularity and challenge of an Ironman training schedule. Part of me misses the regular milestones like the first century ride of the cycle and the weekly challenge to make it all happen. I miss that big goal right down to the questioning of if I’m good enough… daily.

We’ll see.

Last night I went to Whole Foods for spinach and eggs. I didn’t get the eggs, but I did get $41 of other fun things. Still missing my eggs.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Richard uses a touch of heavy whipping cream in his coffee and I love it, but I think dairy makes me breakout so I got So Delicious coconut milk creamer to try (it does have some cane sugar but it’s low). Too bad the cream tastes better and has less ingredients!

We’re also finally trying ghee, clarified butter and one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth (TWSS). Inspired by the ghee we made this super easy cauliflower mash recipe and fell in love.

photo 4.JPG

I had planned a run home from the box today but felt too weak and tired to run. I generally have good energy but I think my body is adjusting to new sources of energy. I’m going to eat a banana before my next workout to see if the sugar helps. I don’t want to quit. I want to get it right.

What’s your new favorite food product?

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