Vegetarian Paleo Diary: 1

January 14, 2013 0

Vegetarian Paleo Diary: 1

I love eating paleo. I literally miss nothing (other than certain conveniences) and I feel great. I plan on relaxing a little after the challenge, but I want to keep our diets mostly paleo. We feel better without legumes, grains and added sugars, and we’re eating so much high-nutrient foods in their place. I’m still investigating if dairy irritates me. I think it may cause my skin to breakout.

Richard is on the paleo challenge too (although he does eat meat). He was in great shape and lean to start out (he measured in at 8% body fat), but he says he feels better, too. I just think he misses the beer :) It’s still only day 8!

Cleaning up our diet has led to us cleaning up other areas in our lives, too. After seeing how much filler we consumed in our diets, we’ve been looking at how our house is organized, financial goals and how we spend our time differently. I’m happy to report our kitchen is cleaner and more organized than ever!

Several readers have asked me to elaborate on what I’m eating as a vegetarian on paleo. I’ve been snapping photos here and there, although I wish I would have caught more veggie-based snacks and meals. I do eat them! :) Also, I eat about six times a day.

Expect recipes and a post about helpful paleo essentials soon.

paleo snacks.jpg

Paleo Snacks:

– larabars (peanut-free flavors; coconut is my favorite!)

– avocado

– apple and sunflower seed butter

– dried fruit (without sugar)

– coffee (with a dash of heavy whipping cream or almond milk)

-So Delicious (with organic agave; definitely a paleo treat!)

What’s not included in the photos:

– raw veggies with hard boiled eggs

– portioned raw nuts (cashews are my favorite)

– green smoothies

paleo meals.jpg

Paleo Meals:

– left is spinach, avocado, sweet potato, walnuts, hard boiled egg and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

– top right two photos are from dinner at a pizzeria: two eggs and sauteed veggies in marinara

– vegetarian paleo Chipotle: salad (no dressing), double fajita, double mild salsa, guac

– bottom left: paleo protein pancake (in blender: two eggs, scoop of protein powder, half sweet potato, few scoops of shredded carrots; cooked in skillet with coconut oil; topped with a bit of honey)

What’s not included in the photos:

– green smoothie with veggies, fruits and a scoop of protein powder

What would photos of your snacks and meals this past week look like?

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