Zooma Inspired Yoga + Run Race Recap

September 8, 2013 0

Saturday morning my friends Jenny, Janna and I piled in Jenny’s car at 4:50am to make our way to Jacksonville for the Zooma event Inspired Yoga + Run. It was early and we were sleepy, but the trip ended up being well worth the effort.

Google Maps had trouble directing us to the Sea Walk Pavilion on Jacksonville Beach, but we eventually found the party, parked super close by and headed to the check-in table to claim our free tank and a little stretchy wristband that served as our bib or ticket to the event. The check-in process was like the rest of the event- friendly, relaxed and easy.

How awesome is this race tank in a woman’s cut?!

The event kicked off with a 55-minute yoga class at 7:30am and we unrolled our mats on the dew-covered grass. There was plenty of room to spread out with a clear view of the stage. The yoga teacher had a mic so we had no trouble hearing her directions.

The class was very gentle and all-levels-focused. I appreciated being encouraged to take each pose wherever I wanted to, even if it was skipping it for child’s pose. There was a yogi on stage following the practice to serve as a demonstration but it was more confusing than if the teacher was practicing. The teacher often directed to move the right side when the yogi was moving her left side and so on. There were several confusing moments, but overall the beautiful location and glow of the sun more than made up for having to double check my position.

The class was fun, relaxing and even a little inspiring. It set the tone for a great day.

After the class we had about 10 minutes to get ready for the run. We loaded our mats back in the car and ditched our shoes in the grass. There wasn’t an official start line or timing gun so we actually ended up starting a few minutes behind everyone else.

As we were about ready to start I was able to meet Allison who works with Zooma and invited me out. She explained the course was 1.5 miles out on the beach to a water station and 1.5 miles back. She encouraged us to go farther or turn around earlier, a relaxed offer I really appreciated!

We were so blissed out from the gorgeous weather and relaxing yoga class that we opted for a walk in the water over a run. We took our time and chatted while observing the inspiring quotes placed along the way.

We took the relaxing theme a bit further and turned around at the first mile marker making our walk three miles instead of two. We wanted to get back to the food!

I think Jacksonville Beach is a pretty amazing location to walk or run!

There were a few Zooma ladies who cheered us on near the finish line and welcomed us back. They directed us back near the pavilion to enjoy some goodies.

I loved the brands at Zooma! I grabbed some hint water, Chobani yogurt and a KIND bar. It was plenty of food to refuel from the light morning. I appreciated that it was all so tasty and healthy, too. (FYI: Coconut Chobani is incredible.)

There weren’t many shaded places to sit at the end and it was quiet without any music so we headed back to the car and continued on with our day, We spent a few more hours in Jacksonville before heading back to Orlando.

I really enjoyed the Zooma event Inspired Yoga + Run. It was a relaxing, beautiful day that really catered to all levels and encouraged guests to enjoy the event at their own pace. The event was on the smaller side so checking in, finding a spot for yoga, grabbing food and parking was a breeze and we didn’t wait for anything. Parking close to a race or event is priceless, especially in the Florida heat! The beautiful tank is a huge bonus, too. Finally, an event T-shirt I will actually wear!

If I could change anything, I would add more to the after-party. The event was great and post-race food was a treat, but there wasn’t much of an atmosphere to hang around and enjoy it.

This was my first Zooma race and I’m on my way to check out the rest of their race calendar now. I like the way they approach events and would love to enjoy another day with them and friends!

Have you ever participated in a Zooma event?

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